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New live album, first track available now

live in tokyo

Here's the first song of a new live album; 'Live in Tokyo'.
It was recorded at Bobtail in Ikenoue, Tokyo.
I'll be adding the other songs from the set periodically.
Artwork by Paku Sukuda.

Featured track

Midnight Blue

I'm off to Japan! 

I'm jumping the shark of my life and doing a 'Ben Holland goes to Japan' episode.

There will be sakura, there will be sushi, and there will be gigs. If you're in Japan - let me know if you'd like details of where I'll be playing. They're on this poster below, but only in Japanese... 

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'Queen of Spades' lyrics published

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The lyrics to Ben's song ‘Queen of Spades’ have been published in the new edition of the Russian literary journal Cardinal Points.

The song is an adaptation of one of Ben's favourite Pushkin short stories of the same name.

The book is available on Amazon here:

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