1. One man's Land

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A soldier says a prayer into his gun
Don't die on me before our job is done
His fingers reach the handle of the door
But there's nothing left to die for anymore

Ruby red sparkles on the sand
As she's rolling loose her golden wedding band
She tastes the colour of her tears
Still married to a stranger after all these years

To live so long
To love so all in vain

She smiles as she steps onto the train
She knows that she'll never need home again
That smile was the last her daddy saw
Now there's no one left to cry for anymore

The priest lifts his hands up to the sky
My God gives me the right to choose who has to die
He kneels and puts his hands against the floor
But theres nothing there to kill for anymore

To live so long
To love so all in vain

I can hear the drumming of the rain
It keeps me from finding that dream again
The nightmares come steady through the door
And there's nothing left to dream for anymore.