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Sunrise on a dead world
Where the wasteland never blooms
Where the hotels are all fully booked
Filled with empty rooms
Where the keys turn slowly in the doors
And no one ever knocks
Where the sundials are too dim to read
And no one winds the clocks

Sunrise on a dead world
Through the grey paper rain
Where the old ones never use them
Where the young ones have no names
Where simple acts of kindness
Go followed by a knife
Where you have to learn to take first
If you wish to keep your life

Sunrise on a dead world
Where prison is the place to be
In there the bars are everywhere
And the drinks are always free
Everyones an inmate
In here or back outside
Born with it all against us
We can say at least we tried

Sunrise on a dead world
Where the children speak in rhyme
Where the judges work the nightshift
Where the hangmen take their time
Some sing of the future
But the songs are all the same
Don't forget tomorrow
Or today is all in vain

Sunrise on a dead world
Where the kings are the ones to blame
They turned the air to ashes
Just to rule the flame
They sold the whole of history
Like so many wasted years
They sold it down the river
Just to buy some souvenirs

Sunrise on a dead world
Our undiscovered home
The crown is for the taking
But who would want the throne
The beggar lifts his head
Still searching for a sign
Just sunrise on a dead world
With nothing left but time.