From the recording South on East Street

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For the gentle midnight talking
Where the bright moon lifts the lovers tide
Through old dreams their walking
Where the sweetest fallen memories hide
I live in a silent land
Where time and death sleep side by side
The lovers mouth is filled with sand
And all the stars in darkness hide

My captain he's a dying man
He's praying that his love will last
He met his destiny too late
The wind has changed, his fate is cast
His prayer is answered with a laugh
Your love was just your foolish pride
A peacock struts the aftermath
And all the stars in darkness hide

The wrong girl she's in love with me
But all I see are bitter eyes
My brother he's the better man
And always sees the truth in lies
If I knew how her thoughts were sown
If I knew deep in night she cried
A chain gang sing we're all alone
And all the stars in darkness hide

I've see through a million eyes
Through oblivion and back
I no more know ice from flame
Or what I have, from what I lack
But I still know my wrong from right
Tattooed in darkness down inside
Taught by the touch of empty night
And all the stars in darkness hide

Take me in your tender arms
I've had enough of fools and lies
Who build a bridge to doom and make
A waste land of paradise
Hold me close the end is here
The time when ending dreams collide
The lovers tender arms are torn
And all the stars in darkness hide.