From the recording South on East Street

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In the dead of the winter at the break of the dawn
You were born like the rest of us
Dressed up for well worn abuses

Your Mother was stone, your father in tears
They fed you promises, lies
Sixteen long years of excuses

Spreading your wings
Two feet through the floor
Signing the deed
As you're kicked out the door

The roses are ready, the violets are blooming
Love left you nothing
But all consuming depression

They heard your curses, and they felt your rage
You stepped to the stage
But no one would hear your confession

Still time to paint
But you forget what you saw
Still time to shoot
But you forget how to draw

The needle was the key to escape your brain
And all of your memory
And all of the pain of existence

That long dark lady has you on her mind
She's heard that you're stubborn
But in you she'll find no resistance

Loosing you're faith
As you were winning the war
Taking your aim
But what are you aiming for

You ran from your duty, fled through the street
Your hands were like ice
But the soles of your feet they were burning

Where ever you run to you've already been
Keep a smile for the world
But within your stomach is turning

You follow the rules
On the wrong side of the law
You find your way home
But you don't live here no more

She took you in from the rain, out from the cold
Stole your heart your soul
Beat your soft skin into muscle

She taught you to live and how not to die
To love to cry
To beat to cheat and to hustle

Losing your voice
As you learn how to roar
Learning to swim
As you drift from the shore