1. From Kain down

From the recording South on East Street

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The poison here is compulsory
The cure will kill you too
Born between two empty dreams
Under an empty sky of blue
And the loneliness can be endless
When you're buried alive alone
Buried beneath someone else's business
Buried by the roof of your home

And the boarders are undecided
New Mothers all dress in black
You can take any road that you wish to
But you'll never find you're way back
Some hold hope in a fiction
In the promise of a dream that calls
A place where their fears are forgotten
In a garden where the fruit never falls

From the Thames down to the Congo
From the Jordan to the Nile
There's been blood spilled on every inch of land
When a shell steals the life away
From a Mother with a sleeping child
Look down to see if there's blood on your hands

I was born in this prison
My children will die here the same
The blind man is hanging the watchman
There must always be someone to blame
For every Abel there is a Kain.